Monday, June 25, 2007


Jag 27 shows us in unique 3D rendering just how comic book fantasy can offer things you'd never seen in real life. "The Babbysitter" by Jag 37 is a 3D series of a young pre-teen babysitter and two underage boys. One thing leads to another and the children end up taking a bath together. That's where we learn that the underage boys are hung like bulls and the pre-teen babysitter is forced to suck and fuck the boys off. At one point the pre-teen girl sees the older boy's massive cock which is even bigger and says, "Holy SHIT! I'm in cock heaven!" There are lots of good renderings of the children at play with the pre-teen girl taking huge young cock in every hole. To date I have only found Jag 27 works through peer to peer networks like BearShare and LimeWire.